What about Cremation?

Jones Family Funeral Center has the only full service crematorium in Cumberland Country, which enables us to provide a seamless service at affordable pricing to all those wishing to include cremation as a part of their service.

If it is the wish of the family or was the wish of the deceased they be cremated, as opposed to earth burial, we are in a position to make all the necessary arrangements and are familiar with all of the procedures involved in preparing and completing cremation.

Because cremation is merely an option to earth burial, this does not mean that the other parts of the funeral service may not be traditional. For instance, you can still have a public or private visitation, a funeral service with the casket present and cremation occurring following the service, or a memorial service after the visitation period, with the urn present.

We can advise you with regard to your specific needs or requests, and can also offer a variety of urns for the containment of the cremated remains.

Cremated remains can be either interred in a cemetery lot, scattered in an appropriate setting, or kept for a later time to permit the cremated remains of the spouse to be interred or scattered at the same time.

Scattering Ground